People, Product and Information – Where Does The Future Lie?

Ok with all the hype of this new awesome product Kajabi being launched I’ve been inspired to write a post on a few things, as I see them now.  Before I go any further though, this is NOT a review of Kajabi or any other product in particular, this is just a post about things to consider in general when you are deciding what to funnel your money into. So let’s consider People, Product, and Information – Where Does The Future Lie?

While we’re on the subject of Kajabi though, I just want to say one thing. I’m only half way through the 1-hour long video, but what I have seen so far this product is awesome.

In comparison to what it costs, well that is an individual decision on where you’re at in your business as to whether this is going to become yet another guru product you just want to be added to your ever-growing library of guru products or if you’re at a point in your business where this is absolutely perfect for you.

So Firstly, Do You Really NEED That Product?

I had a friend who recently decided that it was a good idea to put everything they had into a new product that was launching.  They canceled their vacation and everything so they could afford this great new product that was going to bring them all the traffic they needed to explode their business…. Problem was my friend hadn’t even finished their blog yet, so they had nowhere to drive this traffic to or a sales funnel even if this course ended up being the best thing since sliced bread!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking… They’re going to finish their blog one day and will probably need it then right… well not necessarily. The trap that you can fall into with buying products that you think you will use one day is that the internet and online business is changing so fast and so often that the day you had planned to eventually use that product will become redundant due to all the new changes and direction that take place in the online world weekly!

And depending on how much REAL action you’re taking, with the way that launches are happening these days, the person will probably have another product launched better than their last one… Just something to think about!

You really need to take a look at where you are in your own business to decide whether the product you’re considering purchasing is worth it or not. If the product is about getting more traffic… do you have somewhere to drive that traffic to, and beyond that do you have your “sales funnel” set up to make the most of that traffic?

If the product is about creating your own product to launch… do you even have a list built to launch this great new product of yours to?? If the product is about SEO… do you have all your strategies in place to know what you are even optimising for?? If the product is about creating the perfect launch… do you even have a product right here right now to launch??

When Do I Plan On Using The Product?

I have seen people purchase a product because the initial price at launch is significantly lower to “grab it now”, the thing with this is if you don’t need it RIGHT NOW, as in you aren’t going to be able to use it to generate cash in the next month to be able to pay for the on going monthly fees, you are simply going to be wasting money.

By the time you purchase this first month simply because it’s significantly reduced, and you actually get around to using the product, you are wasting money with the recurring costs in the mean time. You’re better off weighing it all up with the points mentioned above before committing. So what if the price is double when you go to actually purchase it, would you have saved that in not paying the ongoing monthly fees while the product was sitting their not being used.

This is just one example of people that I speak to who are buying products that they just don’t need yet. It is so easy to get caught up in all the hype of a launch of a new fabulous product that reads like this is going to be the last product you ever need to purchase because it’s going to make all your dreams come true… There is NO such product and never will be! There will never be a “last product you ever need to buy” to explode your business, remember that!

Where Does The Future Lie With People, Product & Information?

I read somewhere the other day that if you look around long and hard enough on the web you will find what you’re looking for, for FREE. On some level I do agree with this, but doesn’t it sound awfully time consuming!

And when you’re searching for something but don’t quite know exactly what it is you’re searching for, how will you know if it’s credible information… what then? This is one of the reasons we love when other people become experts in a field and do all the work to get the information together in one nice neat package (a product) for us!

We have all been following the leader when it comes to blogging and giving away as much free and valuable information as you can to create your brand, become a leader in your field, build your list and a myriad of other reasons.  This concept is relatively new, so what happens when we all keep giving away valuable information and encouraging those who come after us to do that same?

Will we end up in a online community where it’s just a free trade of information, will this kind of activity end up diminishing the value of information itself. What then for our product and product creation, not to mention the strategies and way we build our businesses…

Would love to hear your thoughts, experiences, challenges, opinions… on this very topic. Have you been guilty of buying products you just don’t need, or do you have that ever growing library of guru products that just sit on the shelf?? Please leave me a comment below and let us know your experiences!

And if you found it valuable info and think it’s something that others should be thinking about also, please go now and share it with your Twitter and Facebook community, I think this is something that every one of us should be considering when it comes to purchasing a product, this affects us all!