Showing off a web gadget

images (10)I re-installed the Gallery, but I’m still fiddling about with ways to make it integrate with WordPress so I can have “random image” blocks on the sidebar of this page.

I do now have the ability to include an image from my Gallery in a blog post though!

Tonight I painstakingly sorted and updated my whole photos folder on this computer (home) and the home laptop, which has been floating around with pictures of various weddings and road trips on it.

I’m going to be uploading a whole bunch of photos to the Gallery tonight and tomorrow, so take a peek! (For now I’ve just included a link to the Gallery on the sidebar).


Further troubleshooting….

First, it helps to have the most recent version of WordPress installed when you’re installing plug-ins that require the most recent version of WordPress. That made TinyMCE work again, somewhat. I can import images from Gallery, just not in the WYSIWYG view.

Show ‘em you’re a tiger. er no wait.. a lion.

Nope, there’s just no way around it. I can’t make the G2Image button show up in the Visual editor of TinyMCE. After reading everything I can find on the WPG2 forums it seems this is just a quirky bug in some WordPress installations. And I’m out of patience.

I can switch to the code editor of TinyMCE if I want to put in an image from Gallery and then switch back if I want to edit more in the WYSIWYG. I’m out of ideas and now I’d rather sew.

This is such a fun thing to do on a weekend


I’s proud of myself.

I made WordPress Embedded Gallery work with a 3rd party WordPress theme. It’s designed for people using the WordPress default template – how boring is THAT – but as you see I’m digging the Seaside theme right now.

Getting the Gallery to display properly inside the theme was a total biotch, but that’s what lazy statutory holidays are for right? I can’t even imagine how many CSS tweaks I had to do – finally I read ALL the instructions (RTFM Sue) and found the fix in a very obscure little corner of the WPG2 docs.

It came down to having to call a different .css file when the gallery is showing inside the theme, and changing the parameters on the #content ID so that the Gallery block showed up just like the main page should. There are some differences with the padding of the Gallery block when you’re viewing a picture, but not so much that it bothers me and I’m going to do anything about it right now.

What I haven’t done yet is got TinyMCE sorted out. I’ve installed the Advanced TinyMCE plugin for WordPress in hopes of giving myself some extra playing room, but no dice. Whenever I have the WPG2 plugin configured to include an icon in TinyMCE to include a WPG2 image, the WYSIWYG editor part of TinyMCE turns itself off and I’m back to editing all my blog posts in HTML.

If I change the WPG2 config to take the button off the TinyMCE editor, sometimes I get back my WYSIWYG editing (but not always… not this time, for example). It’s got to be some sort of freakish bug in the WPG2 code because if I de-activate this plugin, I get my lovely WYSIWYG. So it’s a tradeoff. Argh. I hate tradeoffs.