Rebel Mouse – How about using it?

I first heard about Rebel Mouse almost two years ago when I was researching the latest tricks & methods to promote a brand I was working for which was focused on the visual web.  We were looking for ways to maximize our impact on Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as get the people who followed us on those platforms to read the text media we were putting together.  This was an e-commerce platform, focused exclusively on driving sales and getting member sign-ups. 

As I always do, before I recommend something to a client, I sign up for the platform myself and poke around.  After all, I don’t want to recommend something and then have it flop or backfire!  I signed up for Rebel Mouse that day and was impressed with the seamless integration, and effortless way it let me put all my social media posts front & center without having to complete multiple steps.  To say it is simple would be an understatement!

Now the brand I’m focusing on promoting is my own!

As a blogger, a big part of your focus is driving traffic to your blog, and encouraging your audience to find & follow you on social networks.  Your social networks are a major tool you use to drive traffic back to your site.  So how do you make sure you’re using your social presence to its maximum potential without getting overwhelmed with spam comments?

By using Rebel Mouse!

By adding the WordPress Plug-In to your existing blog you can create a front page or additional page to your blog showing all your interactions on social media.  You can create feeds using key hashtags you are interested in or want to make your members aware of.  If you’re passionate about a particular cause, create a feed around the corresponding hashtag.   If you’re a contributing author to various sites, you can add their feed as well so your readers know where to find you anywhere you write. A lot will depend on your marketing efforts, but then again, marketing has so many faces...

With Rebel Mouse on your website, you no longer have to worry about your site feeling outdated when you go a few days without posting.  Your Rebel Mouse feed will automatically and seamlessly update from your activity on social media.   Connect your Facebook page  (if you still have it—either personal or fan page), your Twitter feed, your Instagram photos and your Pinterest account.

If you’re like me, and you write posts for other websites (you can find me on What The Flicka? As well as MommyHotSpot) I have added those feeds to my Rebel Mouse page so that anyone who visits my page will see all of my writing in one easy view.

Since this brand we’re promoting is our own, we want to pay close attention to metrics.  what works and what doesn’t?  Rebel Mouse has a dashboard where you can monitor how many people have visited your page, what articles they clicked, and what got the most engagement. See also my post on customer-centric B2B.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your social media so followers can see everything you’re doing to promote your brand in one place, I recommend the best CMS (content management system) in the industry: Rebel Mouse.