How Online Branding Strategy Helps Growing A New Business

Branding is all about the perception customers have about your company, and your brand is the promise that you intend to make to the customers.  The ultimate goal is to spark an emotional connection in order to create a positive feeling with the result of loyalty to a specific product or service from the customers. Here, we’ll learn about how online branding strategy helps growing a new business.

How it works: we recently helped the client’s website to drive revenue and reach their business goals by utilizing web 2.0 technologies. By implementing a full social strategy, we were making sure they would have had a consistent brand presence approach, and we creatively used many presence-building tools to surround consumers (students who prepare for the GED test) with the brand message. Our toolkit ranged from advertising, social PR, internet marketing, communities, and social CRM.

We monitored the interaction among them (e.g. the impact blogs have on the effectiveness of promotions). Finally, we used “brand scorecards” that monitor presence-building tools and measure the impact of spending against the brand’s key objectives.

Results of Building Stronger Brands for MyCareerTools

  1. Boost revenues and market share
  2. Decrease price sensitivity
  3. Growth in customer loyalty
  4. Create additional leverage with vendors and retailers (for manufacturers)
  5. Build profitability
  6. Increase stock price, shareholder value, and sale value
  7. Extend clarity of vision
  8. Mobilize an organization’s people and focus its activities
  9. Ability to expand into new product and service categories
  10. Attract and retain high-quality employees

Website Strategy

Nowadays a website is one of the most important tools in marketing, and it is also your online headquarters because every promotion, online or offline, will lead in some point to the website.

A well-designed website should support your business goals and improve your profitability, and we help companies optimize their website for:

  • Increasing sales revenues and capturing qualified sales leads
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Recruiting new talent
  • Gaining customer feedback
  • Reduce cost by calls deflection
  • Sell and cross-sell products online

Using a website to create new business Sales lead generation

Our customers use their website for capturing qualified sales leads, and search engine marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing efforts drive interested visitors to their website.

Once there, the call-to-action elements on pages compel visitors to click-through and contact the website owner. They become a lead, and once the leads are captured, they need to be moved down the sales funnel to become customers. This is done with lead nurturing campaigns and an effective closed-loop marketing strategy.

The whole process can be automated by using proven software which together with a smart program will help you shorten the sales process and increase revenue with less work.

We work with leading software providers to design and implement demand generation programs.
What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing gently moves your leads down the funnel by sending them further information and useful offers periodically via e-mail. Using lead nurturing tools we can automate the delivery of lead nurturing emails and present additional offers to your potential customers.

The content of each e-mail is carefully designed and relevant, and it communicates the value of your offer and informs potential customers how to get it.  The system monitors click-through emails and provides you with insight about when and if the customer is ready to be contacted by the salespeople.
Social business – Creating brand communities

We offer consulting for creating and developing brand communities, and the following are the benefits of creating a community:

  • Support – Communities extend the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support.
  • Brand awareness – A well-developed brand community is an excellent tool for brand advocacy because community members feel strongly affiliated with the brand and the community.

Accelerate innovation – Brands can have a competitive advantage by leveraging valuable feedback provided by their customers.