Is My Strategy Really Broken, Or Did I Break It On Purpose?

The Beginning of Something New – I was watching a video the other day on TED with Seth Godin, and he was talking about things being broken.  I had no idea what I was in for when I heard the title, but I did know that anything from him is always thought-provoking, so it would be good. And I was right, it wasn’t just good it was AWESOME! So let’s see, is my strategy really broken, or did I break it on purpose?

This video had me cracking up and I found myself sitting there nodding agreeably with him every step of the way. Until we got to about the 18-minute mark and he started talking about the difference between something simply being broken and something being broken on purpose to only attract those that you want to attract.

Well after I heard this, my mind started going into overdrive about how many different ways that this could be attributed to so many aspects of business online.  Out of the whole video, that was just FULL of gems, this one just struck me. You see, during the video, he talks with you essentially about what “HE” thinks is broken in the world.

Illustrating his views with comedic signs and the like to get his point across. Seth speaks about what he sees in life as being broken, whether it’s a process or sign or a person’s way of delivering information… The fact that he thinks it’s broken means it’s broken, but….. he does admit that it’s only his perception, his opinion, his view…. and that does make it a FACT, but only in his world!

Now I’m not saying that anything in this post is what Seth goes through in his video, or is in fact directly what he was saying or meant, but I’ve broken this on purpose. This is simply my OWN take on things being broken and how it fits with my strategies. Clearly, we are all entitled to our opinion, how boring would we all be if we weren’t, but you need to recognize when you’re starting to confuse your opinion with perceiving this as a “fact“.

Broken Personal Brands

How ironic that I would choose to write a post on this considering all this is, is one big opinion. It might appear to be a fact to me, therefore I integrate my beliefs into my strategies.  However there will be those of you, out there that don’t agree with me, think I’m off my rocker and therefore will think my strategy is somehow broken, and that’s ok with me.

I’ve decided to break it for a reason…. what do I mean by that??  I mean that I’ve chosen my target market or niche and I’m going to put those strategies out there, my strategies, to suit that market.  What will that result in… me breaking it for those of you that I’m not interested in connecting with. And in turn, will result in exactly what I’m trying to achieve… attracting, connecting and building a list of those people who are going to benefit from what I am offering…. me, my services and my strategies. What is the point of trying to drag people along with you that just don’t get you? We are building a personal brand here, certainly not trying to please “everybody“.

Broken Lists

This is where I get confused by those of you who are so caught up on unsubscribes from your list. If you could only see that when this happens it’s a good thing! It means that you are weeding through those that you don’t want on your list, those that don’t resonate with you, those that feel that your strategy or information or whatever is “broken” to them. Again a good thing, it means that you’re getting your Personal Branding to work for you 🙂

Broken Products

Like I said, this theory of things being broken applies to many things in our online businesses but the second example that I want to quickly touch on here is Products. Firstly, as I said in a previous post of mine, that there will never be the perfect product that will suit everyone or the last product you will never need to buy out there anywhere.

However in saying that I give huge Kudos to anyone who has put their own product together and put it out there. Takes guts, courage, and a lot of action to succeed in doing this.  It seems we are currently all busy talking about how much we are over the hype, all you need to do is vote with your wallets. Don’t buy it if you don’t like it, it’s broken for you for a reason.

We all know what happens online goes in “swings and roundabouts”. This type of hypy marketing won’t last forever because people like you, and I, for who it is broken for, will become immune to it and then the next wave of “strategic marketing” will be invented and start a whole new way of the future!  Do I know what that is… no, I don’t.  But I will tell you something, it’s up to you to decide what it is that you’re going to accept and respond to and of course what you won’t. You ARE the market.

So instead of being busy tearing down others for what you DON’T want, start working on a product or strategy that’s more in alignment with what you DO want to see happening in the product arena. You clearly know what you don’t want because people with broken products are showing you this, so why not put your energy into creating what you do want.

Again, it’s so easy for us to project our bias on these people, and tear down their product or them for that matter but at the end of the day all they have done is broken their product on purpose, and very cleverly I might add.

They’ve weeded out the people they don’t want buying their product through their Marketing…. and prior to their Marketing they weeded them out with their list….. and prior to weeding them out with their list, they did it with their Personal Branding efforts! This is why it’s important to start breaking things for those you aren’t interested in early on!

So get busy putting a product together that is what you want to see out there, stand up and make your voice be heard and create the difference that you are looking for yourself. That is going to make far more impact than tearing people apart for what was purposely broken for people like you anyway 🙂

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, do you agree, do you passionately disagree? Either way, I want to hear from you! I want to hear what you are “so over” at the moment, what is inspiring you, who is inspiring and do you have the courage to stand up and create something to take us all forward? And more importantly, did this post help to change your thinking on things??

Also please if you found this valuable, even if you think I’m off my rocker or that my strategy is broken, share it with those who you inspire through Twitter and Facebook. I would love to get this out to as many people as we can and see what people really think about this subject!