Marketing Icon – How to choose a Niche Market

One of the most important areas of online marketing is, and always will be, choosing a niche market that you think will do well for you. There is a lot to consider when choosing a target niche market if you want to be successful. And many people get too excited too fast and end up picking the wrong niche market because of rumors or hype about a popular product or niche. So check out this Marketing Icon – how to choose a Niche Market. What works for one online marketer may not work for another online marketer. Makes sense, right?

That is very important to keep in mind. Here are a few notes to help you pick the perfect Niche Market for you. So how to find a popular Niche Market? Well, do your homework first and if you cheat, your business suffers.

First, when choosing a niche market you have to pick something that people are interested in. There has to be a demand for the niche or you will never make enough money to justify the site or sites that you build.

Surprisingly, many niches that sound like they would not be popular are actually very popular. For instance, anything that is a collectible can be a popular niche. People who collect things buy things. And usually, there are many people who collect the same types of things.

Collectors are addicts – addicts with spending money!

One of the best ways to figure out what’s hot and what’s not is by using the Google keyword tool. Researching to learn what people are searching for can give you an idea of how hot certain niches are. This will help you choose a successful niche market!

Pretty straightforward don’t you think? It is important when choosing a niche market to pick something that you believe in or are passionate about. When you do, you will find that you are much more likely to put in the work that needs to be done to make your site a success.

If you have no passion for the niche and don’t believe in the niche, your visitors will smell it a MILE away. In the end, buyers and surfers want to know that they are dealing with a site (and owner) that actually genuinely cares about the topic. If you are just in it for the money you are in for a rude wakeup call!

When choosing a niche market, you need to look at the potential for expansion. You will not want to build a site around one keyword and then find yourself stuck with nowhere else to go. You have to pick a niche that allows you to create a lot of relative content pertaining to the niche. Pretty simple right?

For example, if you choose to build a site around the niche market of how to attract women, then you can choose a variety of keywords including how to attract women at bars, attract women on Facebook, attract women online, how to attract women when you are ugly…and many more variations of the keyword. There has to be that wiggle room to keep going and create a big site, which is really what search engines are favoring nowadays.

Another important aspect of choosing a niche market is deciding if you can be popular in it. You know, marketing has many faces and if the niche you choose is already saturated with popular sites, then it may be harder to break through and become popular yourself. The popular sites are already a huge authority on the niche, and people may pass your site up for them. A good niche is highlighted here.

Don’t force yourself to ram into your chosen niche. Bruised and sore isn’t good for your business development!

Competing with established sites doesn’t just affect your popularity, but it also affects your SEO potential. If you spend time choosing a niche market that has very competitive keywords, then it will be much harder for you to be successful in your SEO strategies. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful, it just means that you will have to put in a lot more work to rank high in the search engines than you would if you picked a less competitive niche.

Often times when choosing a niche market, you will have one type of monetization method in mind. For instance, affiliate marketing and Adsense are often taken into consideration when choosing a niche market. However, choosing a market around more than one monetization method can help you earn more money in the end. See also this post on the Rebel Mouse.

More is better here, my friends!

If you end up choosing a niche market that allows you to monetize in many ways, then you will have many options if one method does not work out. For instance, if you build a site around Adsense and you end up making very little money off Adsense, then you may want to add some affiliate products or offer some advertising space for other people in the niche but be sure, at all times, to limit spam comments on your site. There are many ways to make money on your site. So please don’t limit your potential.

There are many unethical niches for you to choose from. Some may even make you big money if you set up your site right. However, when you end up choosing a niche market that goes against your ethics, you may end up losing sleep, stressing yourself out and causing more problems than the money is worth. And to be honest, many people end up failing at one point or another when they make decisions that go against their morals.

It is always good when choosing a niche market, to choose one that has a little bit of flexibility to it. This way you can come up with more than one strategy for your site and have a backup plan in case your first line of attacks fails. This means that when choosing a niche market you shouldn’t base the site on a tight keyword domain that focuses on one product. Use your SEO and keyword strategy to the fullest!

If your site is built around the 5 Factor Diet, for example, and the 5 Factor Diet loses popularity over time. Then all of your hard work will go down the drain. Flushed out through the ground and way out into the river that will take it to the sea. Never to be seen again!

It will be very hard to make your site into anything besides the 5 Factor Diet at that point. Not only will you not be able to make anything more of the site, but when you end up choosing a niche market without room for change, and it flops, you will not even be able to sell the site for a profit. The site will be a dead fish in the water that cost you money and time. Website design, SEO, and keyword costs will stab you right in the gut. And knowing you have to do it all again just twists the knife!

In the end, when choosing a niche market you need to take into consideration the above tips. They will help you pick a niche that is popular, interests you, allows you to build a big site, obtains success, makes more money, allows you to feel good and leaves room for change if your first strategy doesn’t work out.
Sounds like straight up basic Online Marketing Website Logic 101 to me – How about you?