Being A Rebel Can Get You Desired Education Results

As far back as I can remember, I have always been the person to do everything different from everyone else. Yes, this drove my parents crazy and got me into trouble at school for not just doing what I was told to do, even if I could see a better way or another way that made more sense.

I’m sure many of you reading this can relate to what I’m saying. What I learned later is that, in the world of Design and Marketing, being a rebel can get you desired education results as well.

When someone tells me “we do this because that’s the way it’s always been done”, well, you can imagine what that does to me. I immediately go into “well too bad” mode and start doing things the way I want them done. That already happened in high school so I dropped out but later, thanks to online, mostly free classes I got my GED. Maybe that’s why I have never been able to stand to work for someone else! So I got kicked out of high school but later (fortunately) found my way.

A Rebel Is Born

It was a very busy and very emotionally draining week for me last week. I didn’t get any posts done and nothing was done towards my new direction or my new product for that matter. So today is the beginning of a new week and a new chapter here at Natalie Louise, so I thought I would start off with sharing a few things with you that I have done over the last 4 months, since starting blogging, that has helped me create the success I have so far.

A Design Blog Is Born

I remember when I first got started on my blog I was heading in this direction of blogging for Mumpreneurs raising a family and working at home in their online businesses.  Well I think I was about 4 blog posts in and I realized – I didn’t even want to read what I was on about! I had no interest what so ever in what I was putting out there so why would anybody else have any interest in what I was writing about.

I realized what I was doing was wrong, I was trying to find any old market to tap into that I thought would be huge, rather than one I had a passion or interest in. I learned how to find low-competition keywords and that helped! So within two weeks of starting my first blog ever I made my first major change in direction.

It didn’t stop there, a week after that I realized that my theme was one that everyone was using and I couldn’t have that, so I changed it. Then I changed my direction again and honed in on the tutorials about web development and web design. I did all this in a matter of my first 4 weeks, it was a busy 4 weeks but I loved every bit of it.

You see, I have never been one to follow rules, the crowd or to do something just because“someone else” was doing it. I do take inspiration from people, I do watch what a lot of people out there are doing but I never copy. You will never find me sitting here waiting to hear back from someone on what my next move is or what I should be doing next. I don’t wait for validation from anyone and I certainly don’t sit here waiting for the next wave of “guruism” to take over and start following on that bandwagon either.

Points Of Influence v Points Of Difference

When I first started out, I would have to say my main person of influence was Katie Freiling, having never done a blog before she seemed to know what she was talking about so it felt safe to follow her. I was into my first 2 months of blogging and realized I didn’t have time to sit around and wait for the next webinar or blog post or a bit of information from Katie to tell me what I had to do next. I just had to keep moving in the direction that I wanted to go in. So off I went, feeling my way, putting things out there and leading my own charge.  All I kept thinking was

“if I sit here waiting for someone to tell me what to do, then I’m only going to move as fast as THEY allow me to”

Once you get into that mindset of being a follower and waiting around for others to tell you what to do, you are allowing them to set your pace for how quickly you can move forward.

I think my main point of difference to others is making it a point to be the main point of difference.  I do things very differently to a lot of people, but from what I can see it’s working for me.

  • My Alexa has dropped like crazy – from 4.6M to currently 188K in 4 months
  • My Google Analytics stats are fabulous and my bounce rate is in the 40′s which I am really happy about at this stage
  • My Fans or Likes on Facebook are at 756 after just under 3 months
  • My list is sitting at 1216 subscribers after 3 months
  • I have made $400 USD in the past month from my list – just from “growing” my list

Now I know you’re probably thinking – is that all… but like I said this was just from “growing” my list, I haven’t created any of my own products and I’m not even in a Network Marketing or MLM business. This was simply activity from growing my list, which I have only been doing since the end of September! Did you know that there are other ways to grow your list than just on your blog? Read also about the entry-level graphic design salary potential.

I decided to share these few dot points with you simply to show you that being a rebel and going against the grain and not sitting there at your desk every day waiting for someone, anyone, to give you your own creative license is going to pay off. Did I feel the need to do a screen capture of all my stats, no, simply because this is not about my stats? This is about you choosing to continue to sit there and wait for someone to tell you what to do or decide to stand alone and bust it out yourself!

More Change Is Brewing

I’m going to go as far as to say that I’m even going to be removing my Optin from my blog sidebar and see if that makes a difference to my opt-ins. Currently, around 90% of my opt-ins from my blog campaign come from my Facebook Fan Page Landing Tab.

On my blog, I have a pop up to capture details as well as the sidebar opt-in. However, my bounce rate is ok but not the best… so if my bounce is average or high (about 50% and higher from what I understand) people aren’t spending enough time on my blog looking around other than the page they land on. So I need to capture them quicker than just an opt-in down the side.

There are going to be those of you who disagree but like I said before if I sat here waiting to hear what other people thought I would never find out for myself if it’s going to work for ME or not!! This might not work, but I’m not going to know until I give it a try right 🙂

I’m not here for you to copy me, that is not what I’m trying to achieve.  What I hope to achieve is to let you know that it’s ok to try new things regardless of what the masses are doing. Sometimes riding that wave of

“you must do it because everyone else is doing it”

causes mass saturation and can be a huge setback and detrimental to your own growth and will lead to stagnation in your own business!

Has this opened up your eyes at all? Are you a follower or a rebel go-getter that does things to suit themselves? I would love to hear your stories on what you’re up to, where you have come from, what you’re doing that’s different to everyone else, what has been your proven success and failures? Please leave me a comment below and share with us your stories!

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Keep an eye out for the rest of my series coming this week where I will share intimate details on my strategies and what has given me such great leverage in a short amount of time!