Marketing Assistant Salary and Graphic Design Salary

Graphic designers are using illustrations, color, layout, and fonts, to communicate messages visually present products. Marketing assistants will learn how to appropriately promote and sell the products. So here, we’ll tell you more about entry level Marketing Assistant salary and Graphic Design salary.

The entry-level graphic designer salary and marketing assistant salary in Canada are both around C$39,423 but bonuses and profit-sharing pay may lead to a higher income. In the US, the starting salary level may be slightly higher and regional influences and the applicant’s education and training level are also elements that may positively influence the income.

Among many other things, graphic designers create websites, product packaging, logos, and print materials. They are usually working in a number of industries and may have different positions. A designer might, for instance, be employed as an in-house worker to create and develop promotional design and materials for the company itself, or a graphic designer may be working for an agency that has a number of clients with their own projects.

Advertising firms, newspapers, high-tech companies, and many other organizations and corporations usually employ their own designers. You can also find a great number of graphic designers that are self-employed and work as independently operating contractors on projects.

The workplace

The majority of graphic designers do their jobs in office environments using computers highly sophisticated design software, though there are still designers that primarily use drafting tables to produce their work by hand. Because many projects of graphic designers are driven by deadlines, these professionals often are required to work long days.

Usually, graphic designers have specialized in a limited number of fields such as web design, print, corporate identity, or poster design. Not always are graphic designers required to have completed a specific education, but in general, these professionals need to hold an art school degree or have completed a program from some other relevant institution.

Graphic designers need to have an extensive knowledge of elements of design such as composition, typography, and color and be able to use these elements in an artistic, sensible, and effective way. Graphic designers usually must also have well-rounded communication skills to be able to present their ideas effectively and to connect with colleagues, peers, clients, or other interested parties. They need to understand their clients very well and as today’s retail industry is more end more online-based, they need to take into account that, for example, an online shop needs to be so much more than a huge database of available products. Graphic designers must be able to get into their clients’ heads and professional environments to be successful.

Tasks of a Graphic Designer

  • In general, graphic designers are creating and assembling graphics and images for print media, websites, product design, displays, and other productions.
  • They are involved in designing projects related to direct marketing and must be able to communicate and collaborate with multiple departments and other disciplines.
  • Many graphic designers are involved in developing product identity and brand identity.

Being a graphic designer is a fantastic career for those the people who love to do it. Many designers really love their job and like going to their offices. There is a pay cap, however, for those employed in specific areas. Advertising firms may pay better salaries, but often, the job is less creative and more demanding depending on your specific skills. In this line of work, you can make a great deal of great money, but working hard is absolutely necessary so be warned not to get into this field if it is not really something you absolutely love!

When starting out in this field, you will be required to work hard but make sure you know your worth. Don’t allow people to take any advantage of you just because you’re not yet experienced. Make sure you’ll understand your responsibilities and stay away from things that you’re not familiar yet. That will only cause stress and make you feel¬†overworked which could easily make this fun job a miserable one. Just be sure that, if you feel you don’t have the passion the job and when work actually really feels like work, you be honest with yourself and reconsider your position.

In general, in-house¬†graphic design jobs are pretty safe but aren’t paying that much. Additionally, there usually is hardly any room to grow, and getting bounced around from one project into another may be getting quite frustrating. So keep the big picture in mind and when there isn’t any perspective regarding this, it may be wise to consider taking on a job elsewhere. Many bid advertising firms are engaged in customer-centric B2B promotions, so be sure to understand this sort of activities and that you’ll like it

Keep current and on top of your game because the world of innovation and technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace. In graphic design, you must always be abreast of the newest design software and technologies. If you want to be on top, make sure the latest applications in e-commerce, web design, mobile apps, motion graphics, social media, or movie editing, and so on, are within your knowledge. If that isn’t sounding like what you wish to be doing all day long, be wise and choose another professional direction.