Content Strategist – The Most Important Strategy Of All

I know when you first get started blogging, there seems to be a strategy for everything, right? Aside from all the technical stuff you have to get your head around, there are also all these strategies that people are talking about what you need to have in place to get yourself started or at least to give you a plan of action to help you achieve your goals. So be the Content Strategist – the most important strategy of all.

From strategies for Personal Branding to Social Media to Monetization to Traffic….. and many more I’m sure. But there has been one important strategy that I believe is the most important one of all.

Without this strategy, you can’t possibly have a solid Personal Branding or Social Media strategy… or any other strategy for that matter! So what strategy am I talking about, that I never read about anywhere…. Your “Content Strategy”.

So What Is A “Content Strategy”?

A Content Strategy is exactly what it sounds like, a strategy put together or developed upon the content your target market, community or customers are screaming out for. Pretty simple right? Well, this is the bones of the strategy, if you will.

What happens next is the meatier part of the strategy. After you have done your research and know just what your target market is in need of or found where there is a hole in the market that needs filling, this is where the strategy takes on its life.

What Will The Body Of My Strategy Include?

Like any strategy, you’re going to have many factors to consider when forming your new Content Strategy. These might include what your content research results look like, as this will heavily determine what you’re basing your strategy on, and what expertise you already have to bring to the table that will help you rock out your strategy. Graphic Designers are usually spending a lot of their time to bring content in harmony with their creations. Others might include your own specific goals, what your audience needs, learning-style preferences, available resources of time and money, and other external factors.

Where And How Do I Begin To Build My Strategy?

I have been following the guys over at Junta42 for some time now and they have the “B.E.S.T Method” for helping you to create your Content Strategy. The idea behind this is to find out where your products/services meet with what information your community or customers need. Nailing down that “intersection” where the two meet, will enable you to build a solid content strategy to really rock out your community and sales!

B.E.S.T is an Acronym for
B = Behavioural
E = Essential
S = Strategic
T = Targeted

Behavioural – this is where you determine what effect we are trying to achieve with your community or customers, how you can measure this effect, your conversion or how you will get them to do what you want them to do and finally determining what action we want them to take! Marketing comes with so many faces. Basically, you will need to determine how are you going to measure results.

Essential – this is where you start to work out how their specific needs align with your personal expertise, what is going to provide your community or customers with the ultimate benefits, and finally establishing what information you need to let your community or customers know about! Basically – the intersection between where your expertise and the “entertainment” needs of the customer meet. That’s where your niche market is.

Strategic – this is where you need to decide how this content strategy is going to be in a co-dependent relationship with your other strategies such as your Personal Branding, Social Media and Marketing Strategies. This strategy cannot live on the outskirts of your other strategies, you need to determine how you are going to integrate them with each other.

Targeted – well this kinda speaks for itself right… you need to determine who your target audience is and study them. What are their motives, what are there views, are there different area’s we are targeting and if so why. Online business encompasses so much more. It is important to understand as much as you can about your target audience and you can do this with some easy research such as surveys, monitoring and engaging on Social Media sites or simply just ask them if you do one on one coaching or mastermind calls. There are many avenues to conduct your research, get creative.

So, guys, do you have your content strategy all worked out yet? I know I didn’t until a little while ago, with the help of these guys at Junta 42. Without your content strategy, it is really hard to determine what you are going to be putting out there in your Social Media Strategy… and this is just one example!

I hope you found this post valuable and something that you can include in your business plan. In the next post, I am going to be sharing a tonne of ways to execute your new content strategy and also some really simple ideas on how to skyrocket your engagement and retention of your community or customers.

Don’t forget guys this is an exclusive Friday post, this won’t go out to everyone else until next week. Thanks for being here with me on Natalie Louise, I really appreciate your support. 🙂