3 Ideas for Increasing Exposure of Your Affiliate Site

A major challenge for beginner affiliate marketers is not just building and launching an affiliate website, but it is also creatively increasing exposure of your new website to the general public.

When a website goes live, SEO and PPC are great methods that affiliates can apply to attract online visitors. However, publicizing your affiliate website should be done both online and offline for maximized exposure.

Affiliates can apply creative methods for garnering as much publicity as possible, and here are three ideas to reach this goal.

Idea 1: Submit your site to online channels

It is incredibly important that your affiliate website gain the exposure it needs when it goes live. There is a reason why affiliates create things such as site maps and apply keywords to their content: it is because they plan to submit their site to Google for the purpose of getting indexed, as well as having greater visibility in search engine rankings.

This is a great search engine marketing technique, so we recommend submitting your site to Google for indexing: http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl. Plus, local search is essential in potential consumers finding your site. Sure you want traffic from anywhere on Google that you can get it, but start local first, as studies show that local-based search is a major factor for people wanting to know about opportunities in their area.>

Additionally, submitting your completed website to directories is a must for maximized exposure. A directory (Yahoo being one of the best) provides excellent streamlined channels for reaching internet users that already want to find relevant sites. Submitting a site to directories is not just a good SEO practice, but it is also important for attracting the right target audience and increasing the number of visitors to your site.

Idea 2: Get social and be consistent

It’s no surprise that companies use social media to connect with potential consumers. As a beginner affiliate, you can benefit from doing the same. Try adding social media buttons and toolbars to your site to facilitate your web visitors’ ability to share your content across multiple platforms. This is a great way to make your site viral; therefore, make sure you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit, LinkedIn and Buffer (for mobile users) to spread the word about your affiliate website.

For consistency purposes, it is also important to set up an email signature to include all the key information about your website. From the domain name itself, to the URLs of your company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts don’t let another email get distributed without your key business details attached at the bottom of every email you send. By using this information in your signature, you get to garner publicity for your site, but also establish consistent brand awareness.

Idea 3: Use traditional media and word of mouth

Sometimes people underestimate the value of offline publicity. They think it’s an archaic form of promotion. Sure online exposure is a must for your website, but you would be surprised at how many people are still interested in traditional forms of media such as radio, television and print publications. Successful affiliates know that offline promotion is just as imperative as online promotion for generating exposure of a website and overall business. Therefore, use offline events or word of mouth to spread the word about your site. Search for local outlets to tell people about your website.

For example, with right newsworthy press release and relationships with journalists, you can grab the attention of your local community and city-wide newspapers, radio and television. Find a local event on Meetup.com that might be relevant to your target audience and either attend to network with that group, or offer to give a business-oriented presentation that will benefit attendees. Remember, don’t be too sales-oriented or it might backfire. Business cards and other print materials, such as brochures/flyers, can be distributed to the people you meet and result in people landing on your website to buy.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you plan to promote your affiliate site? Leave your comments below.